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In lives of those born on December 14th, ego will put distant and rough limitations A birthday gift for those born on November 14th should come on time, with.

Why we are temperamental. Libra men can talk themselves into love at great speed and out again just as Leo. My Boyfriend and I have taurus man dating pisces woman feelings he has 3 with this man. Their peace and balance swings into a one-woman man ever pregnant!

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She loves a man who is emotionally connected and is driven by content. A parting of the relationship. They command Urania. They live for romance this yearMirror astrologer Justin Toper says love is At least, not until August 7, 10, and particularly August 21, will you realise there is no room for sentimentality, at least until the dam bursts - which it surely will within the first time in almost 30 birthday 2, 4, 9, 15 and 18, and again with late manage your cookie choices here.

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Immigration and Asylum. Mars, in Aries from January 28 through to early March, will kick-start your year and you should feel more lively than ever. The time to curb your fast-paced life is mid-March, the 9th especially, as well as much of September.

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Since Aries rules the head, avoid over-stimulation with nicotine, caffeine and the like. This will help those prone to headaches. Too much ultraviolet tends to bring you out in a rash. Wear plenty of sunscreen when holidaying this year. Other than that, you are a picture of health and working at full throttle. Except the tendency to pig out. Watch your food intake.

A good facial does wonders. There will be occasions when continuous work gives diminishing returns, and you could benefit from a break — especially mid-April and the start of October. Respect your body, even when you are partying hard and the endorphins — and the alcohol — are flowing freely.


Gemini is termed an air sign, and an overactive mind or imagination is often where the symptoms of illness stem. Not that you are a basket case. Nor are you obsessed about your health. Both your physical and psychological well-being are assured this year. More so once Jupiter enters Scorpio in the autumn, where it will remain for a whole 12 months. In the meantime, there are no dangers looming or impending doom — your body will work like clockwork and do incredible feats in The period prior to your birthday, and in particular May 10 - 20 and November 4 to 18, are invariably times when your batteries and energy are running on empty.

Not that you should feel too poorly or worse-for-wear — during the majority of this year you seem to be a bundle of energy and a fine specimen all round. Bear in mind that Saturn remains in Sagittarius, and the health angle of your chart, throughout most of So you must try to discipline your body, flatten your belly, and exercise regularly, even if you need to enlist the aid of a dietician or personal trainer. A more holistic and spiritual approach could transform your health.

Pencil in the early part of June — the 9th, to be exact — to begin a completely new regime or fitness campaign. Normally, you are hale and hearty, and full of vitality. But as begins, you may be struggling with too many responsibilities, and more vulnerable to ailments, allergies, and sleepless nights. After the 12th January, or thereabouts, you be back on the mend, and even the epitome of health and wellness.

Lovesickness is the disease you dread the most. Upsets the hormonal balance. Harder to recognise, though as your happiness increases, you will make a miraculous recovery, if not by springtime. Blooming lovely. The other period when you are susceptible to problem is in early July and prior to your birthday - nothing chronic.

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Positivity is your greatest weapon, the importance of which cannot be over emphasised. The path to longevity substantially lengthened this year. Hygienic, and of course cleanliness are a prime concern. They also have a sterling reputation as being the best carers or nurses in the zodiac, and model patient.

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Extremely health conscious, highly resistant to disease or infections, and fastidious when it comes to eating nutritiously. The period around the January 28, and the Full Moon on the 11th, end of July and early August are when you are not at your most robust or healthiest. To combat this, a vigorous fitness campaign or exercise regime is suggested. Sleep the rest of the time.

Otherwise you should be injury free, with few deficiencies, and even fewer maladies. Of prime importance is to achieve balance and peace at all costs, if you are to remain at your fittest and in peak condition in With Jupiter passing through Libra until your next birthday, there is no reason for pessimism or depression, which has plagued you in the past, and led to fatigue and sudden illnesses.

If anything the overall quality of your life will improve with impressive results. Start with small steps, simple changes in diet and routine, and build from there. There are two periods of the year when you need to be more health conscious- starting from February 26 - March 19 , and again in late August and first three weeks of September.

Astrologers frequently concentrate on whether Scorpios have a healthy sex life, your reproductive organs, menstrual cycles, and so forth.