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In lives of those born on December 14th, ego will put distant and rough limitations A birthday gift for those born on November 14th should come on time, with.

The fires will never completely burn out in a Taurus to Taurus pairing. However, if a couple of this sign is able to tolerate each other's shortcomings as well as celebrate traits they share in common, this can be an outstanding love match.

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Taurus' steady nature lies in direct contrast to the unpredictable nature or the Twins. Although Geminis can be quite witty and attractive, they have a tendency toward being capricious and, frankly, reckless when it comes to matters of love. When it comes right down to it, Gemini is too much of a free spirit to make Taurus comfortable for the long haul. The Cancer-Taurus pairing holds great capacity for compatibility.

The Signs and Love

Taureans take care of those they love, and Cancer truly wants to be appreciated and protected. These two signs truly bring out the best in each other, and they both treasure quiet times spent together. Taurus and Leo both share a common trait: stubbornness! This can lead this pairing to stick out a relationship even when it would be kinder to part ways. Leos are renowned "people persons," while Taureans would rather limit company to a few good friends.

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  • Taurus and Virgo share very practical natures, and make good romantic companions. That said, Taureans have a tendency to smother their love interests at times, and this is a bit much form most Virgos to endure. If Taurus can learn to back off just a bit, this romance should include a happily ever after.

    This is not an ideal pairing, but it does have some positive aspects. Both signs avoid conflicts whenever possible, and will strive to please the other.

    Fortune Angel Chinese Horoscope Love Match for Dating, Marriage and Compatibility

    However, Libras can be extremely social while Taureans prefer the comforts of home. A compromise must be reached for love to flourish. Here's a fiery match if ever there was one. Taurus and Scorpio can both be very possessive, so jealousy and fireworks are bound to ensue at one time or another. However, these lover's quarrels usually work themselves out because both signs are extremely devoted to their lovers. This relationship is filled with compliments and conflicts.

    Love Sign Compatibility: Astrology/Zodiac

    Sagittarians are party goers, while Taureans are definitely homebodies. Compromise is the name of the game here. Of course, compatibility is not an exact science. Since it pertains to matters of the heart, it's actually one of the murkier aspects of astrology. They've based their findings on when you and your partner were born — specifically, where in the calendar your signs are in relation to each other. For example, if you and your partner are a Sagittarius and a Taurus, respectively, there are five signs that occur between your birthdays. You are, in the Twins' words, five signs apart.

    Zodiac Signs Compatibility

    Signs that occur four or six signs away from your own are considered the best, or most compatible, matches. According to the Twins, people who are born four signs away from you make the best friends — and the closest partners.

    What Zodiac Sign Is Your True Love? Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

    These are the people whom you just click with, who make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Meanwhile, the sign that occurs six signs away from yours is bound to behave pretty differently from you — but that's hardly a bad thing. The Twins explain that this pairing can result in a very balanced couple. Beyond that, dating someone born under such a different sign will offer you an opportunity to see yourself from their perspective. These are the relationships where you learn as much about yourself as you do about your S.

    In other words, there are three other signs in the Zodiac that, according to your most common, respective traits, make the most viable partners for your sign the signs four signs before and after yours, as well as the sign six signs away from yours. Of course, if you're a Taurus and happen to really vibe with someone who is something other than a Virgo, Capricorn, or Scorpio, go with that feeling.

    Sun enters Scorpio

    You can absolutely make a connection with someone who was born one, two, three, five, or more signs away from you. After all, the stars can only know so much. Click through to find out your astrologically ordained matches. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss.