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In lives of those born on December 14th, ego will put distant and rough limitations A birthday gift for those born on November 14th should come on time, with.

The good bad effects of Daridra yogas are felt during the adverse dashas or If Saturn is in a kendra from the lagna occupied by the Moon and Jupiter is in the Surya-sankranti, Mahapata, Solar or Lunar eclipse, Vyatipata, Ashubha yoga. Panchanga is used for almost every branch of Vedic astrology: natal, election, prashna horary , religious calendars and to understand As one inherits Saturn's qualities and the other the Sun's. Vedic astrology also talks about medical astrology.

Through the study of medical Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars are also analyzed. Mars is the karak of injuries. If the Luminaries occupy the first half of Sagittarius, while Saturn is exalted,..

The next limb of the Almanac is Yoga. The meaning of this word is union or sum.


Vyatipata Yoga extremely unfortunate planetary conjunction and the Tithi is Purnima. Both Yogas should be shunned in all auspicious elections. Vyana Prana flows through the nerve channels of the human body.

It has an effect upon the whole body and particularly on the Nadis. Poor circulation, impaired nerve stimulation and nervous breakdowns, originate from a deficiency in Vyana Prana.

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It is highly recommended to perform the following breath exercise several times a day. Again inhale and hold the breath for as long as comfortable counting to 20, 30, etc. The benefit of this simple breath exercise is quickly noticed and our nerves will feel very energized. Udana centres itself in throat, with all the senses in equilibrium, and is active when the body is in sushupti.

Udana is said to bring about centering and self contact.

Yogas in Vedic Astrology

Close the ears with the fingers and inhale. While exhaling through the nose, hum like a bumble-bee the mouth remains closed. After about breaths sit motionless and breathe normally with the ears still closed. Concentrate on your inner space and listen to the inner sound.

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This exercise will calm the nerves and thoughts, promote concentration and bring you into contact with your Self. The five Upa-Pranas regulate important functions in the human body. Removes blockages of Prana and Apana and prevents gas formation in the digestive system. Other functions include triggering of the vomit reflex due to indigestion and dissolving blockages of Samana Prana. This Upa-Prana functions in the area of the eyes, controlling opening and closing of the eyelids. The energy of this Upa-Prana is active when we are awake and is revitalised when we sleep.

Kurma protects the eyes from the penetration of dust and foreign bodies etc.

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Disturbance of this Upa-Prana causes uncontrolled blinking and twitching of the eyelids. The practice of Trataka provides balance and strength to Kurma, as does the chanting of OM, placing warm palms over the eyes and Asanas where the head is bent forward. Yawning indicates tiredness, sometimes after eating too. Certain foods such as grains, onions and garlic cause fatigue. Many Yogis only eat vegetables and some milk products in order to sustain their level of vitality and thereby reduce lethargy.

Devadatta also controls crying and laughter.

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Sneezing releases energy blockages in the head and neck. Krikala also has control over hinger and thirst. It influences the whole body and in particular the muscles of the heart by opening and closing the heart valves. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.