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In lives of those born on December 14th, ego will put distant and rough limitations A birthday gift for those born on November 14th should come on time, with.

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He feels the need to be in a relationship Libra Sun in the 8th - Mercury in the 8th - Venus Mars in the 7th , yet there are some difficulties establishing a partnership through the square of Uranus and Jupiter in the 10th - He doesn't feel free, he feels like establishing a partnership will cause him to lose independence, and there may be some pressure from the family and the father in particular. Back home he was somewhat eccentric Aquarius rising , but differences of culture 9th House planets in the natal and expectations, he's now more reserved and studious.

As he moved to pursue studies, his relocated Ascendant falls in his natal 9th House and puts the accent on Mercury, communication and writings.

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His Venus-Mars are now in the 12th House, representing the secrecy of his relationships to his family square Uranus and Jupiter in the 4th. The Sun relocated in the 2nd House shows both the financial support of his father, but also the fact that he is now dedicated to building a life for himself, both in terms of skills and financial assets in his new location.

And this is also written through the position of Pluto in the relocated 2nd House, showing that he doesn't necessarily feel he has all the tools necessary to build the financial security he wishes. It becomes an important source of concern and focus for him, which wasn't an issue he had back home. Chiron is now in the 9th, he is experiencing some conflicts between what he is supposed to believe in, and the shift he is experiencing in this new society.

Relocation Astrology and How it Can Change Your Life!

He feels a bit at loss about spirituality and religion, which is a conflict that already existed in his soul mission described by Pluto in the 9th. This location highlights this natal issue through the relocation of Chiron in the 9th House. This was a quick run down of how to interpret a relocation chart.

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To learn more about relocation charts, read this article. Visit our readings to get a professional relocation chart. Relocationchart Natalchart Interpretingarelocationchart relocationchartinterpretation. Aug 24, Relocation chart interpretation: Example. By relocating elsewhere, the potentials of the birthchart may change significantly and therefore a new chart is drawn for the new location. In drawing up a chart for a different location, the birth data is still used, but is set for the co-ordinates of the new location and read accordingly.

The chart will still have the same configuration of planets in the signs, but some or all of the house positions of the planets may change.

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The new chart shows the potentials of the individual as likely to be experienced at the new location. The emphasis of certain houses often changes through relocating. Where one area of life was more prominent at the previous location, the focus may change by house position at the new location.

For instance, in the natal chart, Mars may be posited in the 4th house where the focus of energy and drive would be shown in matters relating to the home and family. In the new chart set for the new location, the house position of Mars may change to that of the 5th where the focus of energy would be shown in matters relating to leisure and pleasure. If you want to experiment as to where the best place to live might be, you could "move" the chart around different locations to discover which houses become strengthened where.

However, it may be found that the best place to be is in the middle of an ocean, and short of buying the nearest placed island, it might turn out to not be such a good idea after all. In this case, as in any other, it may be found that the new configuration, while looking good in one area, will create difficulties in another. By a relocation chart set for Dallas, Pluto became conjunct the new Midheaven. The Midheaven being a very sensitive point of the chart and representing one's status, particularly in the public eye.

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  7. Also in the Relocation chart, Chiron, the "Wounded Healer" became conjunct the descendant, thereby emphasising it. Other astrological factors played their part that day. Transiting Saturn with Neptune conjunct squared his natal Mars.