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In lives of those born on December 14th, ego will put distant and rough limitations A birthday gift for those born on November 14th should come on time, with.

University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Sophia Project. Culture and Cosmos is a peer-reviewed academic journal in the history of astrology and cultural astronomy published by the Sophia Centre Press in partnership with the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture, Faculty of Humanitiies and the Performing Arts, at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David We are currently seeking submissions for future volumes of Culture and Cosmos.

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Join our Facebook Community. Alan Leo's Astrology for the New Era: How did Leo present and reform astrology so that it reflected his theosophical belief and was also seen as modern? Capturing the relationship between heaven and earth in the digital imaging of orbs: an investigation of their contemporary phenomenal occurrence in the cosmological worldviews of orb-enthusiasts.

The assimilation of the planet Uranus into the practice of astrology in England in the period An exploration of the role that the night sky plays in the lives of the Dark Sky island community of Sark.

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To what extent was Shakespeare's use of astrology, astronomy and the occult a reflection of Renaissance thought? Seidr Cosmologies: What is the relationship between practices of oracular seidr and the personal cosmologies of contemporary Pagans and neo-shamans who practice it for their communities? Why do People connect presumed Prehistoric Sacred Places and celebrate the summer solstice in virtual space via the Internet today? Does the archaeoastronomic record of the Cotswold Severn region display a transition from a lunar to a solar allegiance?

Dante's Divine Comedy as a theurgic act, a guide for the blessed reader from a state of misery to a state of bliss. Are there possibilities for an individual to connect with Nature according to an Earth-focused cosmology in a city like New York? The use of outer planet cycles in modern astrology as a survival of Zoroastrian astrological history.

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Tore Lomsdalen. Is there evidences of intentionality of sky involvement in the prehistoric megalithic sites of Mnajdra in Malta? What can the astrological symbolism found in the papyrus known as p leid j tell us about greco-roman egyptian cosmology and the place of magic within it? Rosemary Senior. Megalithic Sites: Why do they still inspire us? A study of the stones at Stanton Drew in Somerset in relation to the people for whom they have meaning.

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Did the division of the year by the Babylonians into twelve months lead to the adoption of an equal twelve-sign zodiac in Hellenistic astrology? Cat Cox. The Astrologer as Magician or Shaman: How far can contemporary astrological practice be understood within a cosmological paradigm of participation with the divine?

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  • An investigation into the sky as a source of enchantment in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. To what extent did the signs, symbols and methods of astrology inform the practices of late 19th - early 20th century occultists? Credibility, Professionalism and Value: exploring the cultural interface between the worlds of business and astrology. Can astrology be viewed as an expression of chaosmos and is this the same phenomena currently being described by Chaos and Complexity theories?