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Your relocated chart shows the same chart in terms of planetary aspects and patterns, only the location has changed — your birth chart will still reflect your birth at the same moment in time, but in a different part of the world. What will change in your chart is the astrological axis, the rising and descending points, and the ic and mc — the. Relocation astrology is a method used to suggest positive places to relocate or move to, based on astrology.

Finding the Best Place to Live with Relocation Astrology

For example, if your natal chart puts your moon on the ascendant but you feel that your emotions are consuming, a trip or stay elsewhere could offer some respite and even lead to plans for a move. You might also like to check out your chart when planning a vacation or short-term visit. To draw up your new relocated chart simply calculate the moment you were born in your new location. So for example, if you were born at 3. Download my version of astrolog.

How exactly does travel astrology work?

Don't forget to rename it to astrolog. Astrology Services. Author Bookmark StarWise.

The only way to see the true 3-D layout of your planets is to view your chart You can also quickly see the 3-D difference with Celebrity examples StarWise also offers you both Natal and Relocated astrology in full 3-D reality. Now Available! Free ebook on 3-D and Relocated Astrology Now your chart, forecast, etc. My free ebook reveals amazing new 3-D information to help you improve your job, relationships, health, family, etc.

Learn the juicy, delightful true facts about your life from your 3-D horoscope. StarWise offers many other wonderful ebooks to help you with happiness, love relationships, career, health, college, retirement, etc. The midhaven is the highest point in a chart, and thus rules our public reputation. It rules how we go about cultivating and approaching our career, making a contribution in the world, and ultimately in the process of creating a contribution we are led to creating a destiny.

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The IC, as its polarity, is the most hidden part of us. It is our family origin, our cultural roots, and our home. When the sign that falls on the midhaven changes drastically in a relocation chart from our natal chart, we may find ourselves motivated to approach our career in a whole new way. Aspects of our contribution and ambitions begin to manifest in innovative ways. We become known for things within us that we may not have previously identified with.

Relocation chart interpretation: Example

When the sign that the IC falls in changes, we begin to live our lives at home differently, take a different take on our cultural origin, and perhaps see our childhood and out parents differently as well. Out relationship with our parents can go through major changes when the IC is affected or activated. When considering a relocation chart, it is important to consider if there are any planets that are in aspect to these points.

A conjunction is when a planet sits right on top one of these points. If that is the case, then the characteristics of this planet will become powerful indicators of the characteristics we are likely to display in the area that the point rules. We also what to consider soft aspects, like trines and sextiles, that are likely to reveal easy energy and manifestation of talents coming forth in the new locale. Harder aspects, like squares, quincunxes, and oppositions will reveal growth opportunities that present themselves as challenges.

These can create difficulties, but when channeled correctly, can be used to increase our motivation, learn more about what we are really made of, and lead to tremendous self-respect that results from our willingness to learn through effort. Midpoints are also considered.

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Put simply, a midpoint is considered is when two planets are in conversation on either side of a point in the chart. Midpoints can represent how that point will be influenced with this shared planetary energy. Some locations will be more fun, some more growth based, and others will just be difficult. Anyone who has traveled extensively can testify to the fact that you always learn something new about yourself whenever you take a trip.

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Perhaps that is why we travel, because it is a way to learn more about ourselves. In exploring a new geographic place, we actually end up exploring another place with us. As within, so with out. A relocation chart can give us greater clarity into the spiritual lessons that are possible in a new place. Share This Post.